The Problem

​Everyone knows we need a reliable source of renewable energy. We just can't go on burning fossil fuels at the present, unsustainable rate. But solar power doesn't work everywhere, and conventional wind turbines are unpopular and often inefficient.

The Workthrough

The engineers at Osprey have risen to the challenge. Using advanced aerodynamic research and design techniques and a breakthrough in materials technology they have provided an answer as elegant as it is simple.

The Solution​


OSPREY - Overhead System Producing Renewable EnergY


By taking advantage of a well-known but hitherto ignored natural phenomenon, Osprey Sky Power has succeeded in revolutionising wind-generated electricity. By placing turbines directly into the flow of the wind we are able to make massive increases in efficiency. Osprey Sky Power is proud to unveil the latest in Tethered Aerial Wind Turbine technology.

Suspended at altitude beneath aerostatically-designed lifting dirigibles, the Ospreys float high overhead. Their giant turbine blades actually generate electricity in the air, passing it it safely back to earth via super-lightweight cables. Easily able to manoeuvre in any direction they constantly change position ensuring harvesting capability is optimised. An array of Ospreys positioned in the sky overhead is able to supply between 70 and 80 per cent of the electricity needed by a city the size of Manchester.

The Osprey Sky Power system effectively guarantees safe, cheap and above all renewable energy for the foreseeable future.