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OSPREY turbines provide an ideal platform for the provision of security monitoring equipment. Several authorities have expressed interest in implementing patented Clear ViewTM networked security solutions. Working with our partners in the crime prevention agencies and other stakeholders we will roll out a programme of high altitude electro-optical camera systems which will reduce the necessity for surveillance flights and deliver a non-intrusive, data capture network to help make our communities a safer place for everyone.




Preliminary agreements have been signed with two telephone service providers to allow the positioning of telecommunications equipment alongside the OSPREY turbine equipment. Initial lease contracts cover a period of twenty-four months and will enhance both mobile phone signals and deliver a high-speed internet connectivity within each OSPREY's 'footprint' area with no effect at all on the unit's power generation function.




PRESS RELEASE Osprey Sky Power is pleased to announce that we have now completed the final stage of simulated testing. Full analysis of the program will be published shortly but the initial results have proved so positive that we can confidently provide this interim statement.
For ease of comparison with current offshore wind turbine technology we have broken the figures down into single unit outputs. The system is designed to be deployed as a multi-turbine array enhancing production by a minimum factor of n* x 2.3226.
Over the course of a year the Osprey load factor is predicted to be 76.4 per cent – or nearly twice that of a conventional offshore 7MW turbine and nearly 30 per cent above the theoretical Betz limit.
Assuming the average household consumption of 14288 kwPA** a single Osprey turbine will be capable of producing enough power for 4200 homes. An array of four will provide approximately 80 per cent of the energy required to run a city the size of Manchester. In addition to the obvious benefits of increased efficiency and reduced intermittency, Osprey solves several of the problems presently associated with wind power.

All turbines produce a degree of low-frequency noise and Osprey is no exception. However, when in active deployment, the system is situated beyond the range of the human ear. In simple terms, they are too far away to be heard.

We believe that turbines have a certain grace but accept not everyone feels this way. Once again, the Osprey system operates at so great an altitude that it is, to all practical intents, invisible.

Finally, Osprey is protective of the species from which it takes its name. The operational range will always exceed the height which can be reached by birds. No Osprey turbine will ever cause harm or inconvenience to birds or any other animal life.


Osprey Sky Power - Harvesting the Power of the Sky


Osprey Sky Power 07/24/2013 For immediate release

*where ‘n’ equals the number of turbines

**source MIU/BLKS



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