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High Altitude Wind


"There is enough energy in high altitude winds to power civilization one hundred times over."


The concluding remark of Professor Ken Caldeira of the Carnegie Institute for Science at Stanford University. Studies suggest the planet's largest untapped resource blows with reliable frequency right overhead, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. 








The OSPREY system has come a long way from the simple initial design idea. Our Research and Development team spent countless hours running computer simulations but nothing beats getting out in the field for real.


The novelty of flying in specially chartered aircraft soon wore off as night after night they flew endless circles, measuring conditions over Britain's cities.


Nevada's Tonopah Basin Range was the perfect place to refine the OSPREYs - After all, if it's good enough for NASA...





Operating at the very edge of the troposphere the OSPREY system sits directly in the flow of the powerful winds that blow reliably all year round (Diagram not to scale).


Out of sight - out of mind. Once deployed the OSPREYS are all but invisible to the naked eye. Vibration and noise normally associated with wind power cannot be felt at ground level.


By placing OSPREY turbines directly into this flow we are able to generate eight times the energy of conventional tower-mounted turbines while simultaneously eradicating all of the problems associated with onshore wind.

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